Doom & Gloom…For The Dems


John Fund has a review of the Voter News Service numbers from 2002. I didn’t realize it, but they were just released. Click here for the full article. Be sure to read this part:

The Voter News Service, a media consortium that interviewed thousands of voters as they left the polls, didn’t deliver its results on Election Night last year because of computer errors and other glitches. After some scrubbing for suspect numbers in individual states, the surveys paint a picture of a country that is not nearly as divided on a political knife-edge as conventional wisdom has it. In the 2000 presidential and House races, America may have been split exactly down the middle. But in 2002, Republicans opened up a gap. The GOP won the national vote for House seats by 51% to 46% and voters who identified themselves as “conservative” increased to 34% from 30%.

Even more importantly, the number of self-identified “liberals” shrank in 2002 despite all the frantic efforts of Michael Moore and Al Franken to whip up the troops. GOP pollster David Winston notes that, in 2002, the number of self-identified liberals dipped to the lowest level in the past four elections — 17%. “Moderates” continued to dominate the electorate, representing 49% of all votes cast.

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