The two introductory statements in this New York Times article, should disqualify any candidate from federal office., especially the Presidency.

Forty years after four black girls were killed in a church bombing here, Gen. Wesley K. Clark visited the same church on Monday and said African-Americans were still in danger of having their votes go uncounted and their voices unheard.

Speaking at the 16th Street Baptist Church on a two-day campaign visit to the South, General Clark said voting rights were a “very personal issue for me,” as someone who had grown up in the South and who had supported affirmative action in the armed forces.

The fact that any credible candidate can go around saying, basically, whitey is still denying you the right to vote AND that he believes the ultimate meritocracy should be corrupted by racial preferences is disgusting.

The fact that people believe the first and support the latter is even more troubling.

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