One of the attorneys at my firm is helping a guy with alzheimers. He has dementia, apparently, and has been diagnosed as having alzheimers at an early stage. He is 29.

I generally worry about and wonder about things like that. What would I do. Would I go ahead and end it. I think my faith would prohibit that. Besides, Christy says if I ever die, she’s coming with me. So I’d probably feel obligated to stick around so she can see that it wasn’t worth her following (Are y’all depressed yet).

I don’t know what I’d do. That is a thought I can’t rationalize or truthfully contemplate. I can just hope it doesn’t happen.

What is most troubling is the knowledge that at some point I would forget my wife and my life. Those words can be used interchangably. Even more troubling is the certain knowledge that I’d forget my God. If the absence of God is hell, alzheimers would have to come close to being a living hell.

I would just have to pray that he doesn’t forget me.

Okay, enough depressing thoughts.