The Weekly Standard takes on Howard Dean’s foreign policy speech, with a very good point:

You can drag a man to the foreign-policy center with a big, subtle, ghostwritten speech. But you can’t make him think from the center if he really doesn’t want to. And let’s face it: Howard Dean really doesn’t want to. That “capture of Saddam has not made America safer” remark earned him three days of stinging criticism from his presidential-primary rivals and from an increasingly skeptical press corps. Whereupon Dean apparently decided that he’d made a mistake even attempting to reposition himself as a national-security moderate. Not only is America no safer for the capture of Saddam, he growled at a subsequent press conference in New Hampshire, but “we are no safer today than the day the planes struck the World Trade Center”; the defenestration of the Taliban from Kabul counts for nothing.[Emphasis in original]