Dean Damned


Jim VandeHei and Jonathan Finer have an interesting look at Howard Dean in today’s WaPo.

Dean’s remarks, his critics say, are in keeping with his history of making statements that are mean-spirited or misleading. He has distorted his past support for raising the retirement age for Social Security and slowing Medicare’s growth. He has falsely said he was the only Democratic presidential candidate talking about race before white audiences. And he made allegations — some during his years as governor — that turned out to be untrue.

After saying at his last gubernatorial news conference that he was sealing his official records to avoid political embarrassment, Dean now says he was joking and is not sure what is in the files.

My theory has, for a while, been that when the media finally realizes that Dean has gained traction as the front runner, they will jump in and start tearing him down for the other candidates. They will call it research, but the fact remains that Dean has been the front runner for a while and now it seems he is going to be the nominee. To save the Democrats, the media will fire for the opposition so the other candidates can save their money.
The media has a vital interest in seeing a Democrat elected President. The preception, rightly or wrongly, is that Dean can’t beat Bush. So, to ensure a Democrat election, watch for the media to begin the brutal task of destroying Dean.

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