Well, you know we can’t trust people who have been tortured and oppressed by a brutal regime. According to this report in the Economist, Iraqis can govern themselves, but let’s not let them act like grownups when it comes to war tribunals.

This week, Iraq’s American-appointed Governing Council announced that a tribunal would be set up to try the miscreants — and that it would be run entirely by Iraqis. International human-rights groups, the United Nations, and even Britain, America’s main partner in Iraq’s ruling Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), are worried. They fear that the tribunal may fail to comply with international standards of fairness. It may seek to impose the death penalty on the worst culprits. Most worryingly and self-defeatingly, it risks being seen by both Iraqis and outsiders as a tool for vengeance rather than as the beacon of a new, clean and impartial judiciary.