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The Bush team has made it difficult to define conservatives as fiscally responsible. They have allowed rampant spending under a conservative moniker. So now the Dems are championing Howard Dean and company as social liberals but “fiscal conservatives.” What they mean, of course, is that these sl/fc’s are in favor of gay right, abortion, and balanced budgets.

What they forget is that the sl/fc’s don’t mind raising taxes to balance the budgets. That ain’t a fiscal conservative. A fiscal conservative generally favors balanced budgeted, but believes spending should be cut to balance the budget. These sl/fc’s will spend like 16 year old with daddy’s credit card, and then increase taxes to balance the budget.

Conservatives must start articulating that balanced budgets do not make a fiscal conservative. It is the favored policy to balance budgets that make a fiscal conservative.

I truly doubt that there are very many social liberals who are also fiscal conservatives. After all, liberals want the government to spend money on social programs. We can’t do that and cut spending.

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  • You are on to something. I’ve seen a lot of Democrats make the case that Deano is a fiscal conservative because he balanced his budget. Yeah, but he raised taxes to do it.

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