Perdue intended to sign a 6’6″ high school student to a full athletic scholarship. Because of a paperwork mixup, it signed a 5’6″, 128 lbs. student with the same name as the intended scholarship recipient. Says the new basketball player:

I don’t feel bad at all about keeping the scholarship. I have studied hard my whole life (earning a 3.8 GPA at Yorktown). I am captain of the academic team, student council secretary, member of the chess club, and play the flute in the marching band and all I was looking at was getting a lousy couple thousand dollars of my school paid for with academic scholarships. The other Jason gets a 2.5 GPA and the NCAA minimum score on his SAT and he gets a full ride because he can run fast and put a stupid orange ball in a hoop. It looks like Coach Keady is going to be stuck with me for four years.

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  • I just want to be there to watch when the Hoosiers practice how to draw and how to take a charge. I can tell you, this little guy is going to be saw dust when he gets run over a couple of times by the big guys on his team. Guaranteed that it will be the big center and post men who will be chosen as the offensive player for this exercise, and poor chess-playing, flute carrying Jason will find out what the rest of us who grew up playing ball have known for a long time. Taking a charge is hard work. It’s probably not something he is used to doing in his extensive years as an academic team member. He’s going to have to lift on a daily basis, and the max-out goals will surely get the best of him. I understand his desire to have his school paid for, but he is about to be schooled in the hard knocks of organized sports at a level that no beginner can imagine. Wonder how many suicides he will run before he collapses and decides the couple lousy thousand dollars he would get for doing nothing really doesn’t sound that bad. For once, someone is going to find out just how hard these athletes have to work. Studying isn’t everything, Jason P. Smith. Now you’re going to learn the hard way. By the way, do the Boilermakers even have a jersey small enough to fit a 5’6″ kid who only weighs 128 pounds???

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