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Being the attorney for the publisher of Zell’s book has its advantages. I just got back from a dinner and book signing for Zell. The room was all old Macon (think of your local country club aristocrats) who are mostly Democrat, but with a good number of Republicans. All agreed with him that the Dems have headed off into left field.

He has been signing books like mad. The local Dems are saying that the dagger next to his book on the New York Times list shows that people like Richard Mellon Schaife are buying his book in bulk. Actually, I have it on very good authority that book sellers are buying in bulk because the demand caught them by surprise. For example, here at the local Barnes 7 Noble, Zell showed up for a two hour book signing and two hours after that was still there signing books for a line of people that wrapped around the building.

Granted, it’s Georgia and he is a local folk hero. But, Zell and the publisher are headed back on the road out of state because the demand has grown.

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