Note in the article on Eritrea that the BBC leaves out all mention of religion. Yet, you cannot truly understand the dynamic in the horn of Africa without understanding the divisions between Christians and Muslims. In fact, Eritrea is claimed and, by some accounts, is the final resting place of the Ark of the Covenant (for you Indiana Jones fans). The town where it resides is Axum, the known birthplace of Ethiopian Christianity and, according to local legend, the capital city of the Queen of Sheba’s Ethiopian Empire.

The BBC article also leaves out the fact that for the longest time Sudan, Ethiopia, and Yemen were allied with the Soviets and that the Soviets and Ethiopia allied against the Eritrean rebels who successfully fought them off.

For the BBC to leave out information on the interplay of Christianity and communism in this current dispute is neglegent or intentional.

Given the secular sympathetically communist views of the BBC, I’m inclined to go with intentional.

One final note (if you can’t tell I’m fascinated by Eritrea and the mystery of the Ark): Christianity was solidly established in the Ethiopian region well before it was established in the Roman Empire.