Battling The Grinch


John Leo has a good column in this weeks U.S. News And World Report about the battle between celebrants of Christmas and those a–holes who want to get rid of it.

How goes the annual battle to delete Christmas from schools and the public square? News is mixed, but on the whole, things are not going well for the Grinches. In New Jersey, for example, the Hanover Township school district said it was considering a ban on Christmas carols and other religious songs at school concerts. Parents protested and threatened to sue, so the school board beat a hasty retreat. “If a school wants religious music, they can have it, the way they could before,” said the school board president.

I generally say that the free market should determine the popularity of most things — including holidays. Christmas should be no exception, but it is. While 95% of people celebrate Christmas, lefties all over the place are trying to extinguish it.

Christmas is winning in the marketplace, but the victories are being censored. As John Leo references, check out the Grinch List for stores that will not use the word Christmas in advertising. These places should be boycotted.

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