Attacker Attacked At Georgia High School


A job well done by high school students no less.

Debbie Shultz’s class had just finished a Spanish II final exam Wednesday morning when the door to their trailer burst open with a bang.

Shultz’s estranged husband stood wild-eyed in the doorway, teeth gritted, pausing almost for dramatic effect, she recalled. Then he rushed toward her, she said, raising a large knife toward her chest.

That’s when Shultz’s students, 16- and 17-year-old kids, went to her rescue. Several of the youngsters tackled the man, pinning him to the floor and wresting the knife from his hand.

“Those kids are my heroes. I believe God used them to save my life,” Shultz, 46, said Wednesday evening, recuperating at home with stitches in her hand and leg where her assailant slashed her with the knife.

“I’m sorry that they were called upon to do such a huge job so early in their lives, but without them I wouldn’t be alive.”

Heritage High School in Rockdale County is where, in 1999, a school shooting occured. At that time, a number of students took action. It has been speculated that the student action in that case drew little attention because so many of them were NRA members who defended the right to keep and bear arms in statements to the media.

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