Here is a modestly informative piece on the troubles between Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Yemen. It appears that Eritrea, a majority Christian nation, is being ganged up on by the other three majority Muslim nations.

It’s important to remember that Eritrea fought Ethiopia for 30 years in a war for independence. There is currently a border dispute between them. Eritrea also won a claim in the International Court of Justice against Yemen over the Hanish Islands. Eritrea’s ownership was established, but Yemen keeps entering Eritrean waters around the islands to fish.

Sudan is fighting a war against Christians in the south. No doubt those are the groups Eritrea is accused of helping.

It would appear that three countries that have had possible connections to al-Qaeda are now using the war to their own territorial advantages. No doubt they will betray of al-Qaeda connections in exchange for U.S. pressure on Eritrea.

I hope that doesn’t happen.