As most people who care


As most people who care about the subject know, Steve Jobs and Michael Eisner don’t really like each other. Here is part of an interview from Rolling Stone with Steve Jobs. At this point, the reporter is asking about how Apple Computer approached the music industry about iTunes: “When you went to see music executives, was there much comment about Apple’s ‘Rip. Mix. Burn.’ campaign? A lot of them regarded it as an invitation to steal music.
The person who assailed us over it was Michael Eisner. But he didn’t have any teenage kids living at home, and he didn’t have any teenage kids working at Disney whom he talked to, so he thought ‘rip’ meant ‘rip off.’ And when somebody actually clued him in to what it meant, he did apologize. ”

If not just exaggerated, it says a lot about Eisner’s mentality and problems at Disney. I, for one, think it is probably the truth. It explains a lot.

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