I think enough has already been said about Muammar Gaddafi without my needing to throw my two cents in. Nonetheless, I will. For backgroud, the news is here from the BBC.

I grew up in Dubai, on the Persian Gulf. One of my best friends lived right next door to Gaddafi in Tripoli. James’ dad worked for an oil company and was a Vice President. About a month after they moved, Reagan blew up their house. Well, he blew up Gaddafi’s house, but James’ house blew up too. We didn’t hear anything else from Gaddafi after that.

Sitting on my office desk is a round of shells fired by the USS R.K. Turner. My birthday happened to come up after we kicked Muammar’s ass and my birthday present from the captian was part of the first round that was fired at a Libyian naval vessel during our attack. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, Gaddafi is a survivor. When African nationalism was popular, he supported Africa. When Pan-Arabism swept North Africa, he became a Pan-Arabist. When he saw Saddam pulled out of a hole, he because a player in the War on Terror.

Gaddafi is without morals or altruistic intentions. He cannot be trusted to fully disarm. But, he can be trusted, currently, to either stay out of the war or pro-actively assist behind the scenes.

Gaddafi craves international attention. He is the personification of vanity. The saharan winds are now blowing west and he will blow with them — until they shift.

As long as Bush is in the office, who Gaddafi no doubt views at another Reagan, Gaddafi will most likely remain with the West. This is why the Democrats cannot be allowed to win. The Bush doctrine works. They would abandon it.