Only in a post-modern world that has rejected the sectarian in favor of the secular and psychobabble could we get something like thisr:

Prosecutors say Mr Meiwes, a 42-year-old computer technician, killed and ate engineer Bernd-Juergen Brandes in 2001 for sexual gratification.

Dr Wilmer said his motivation was less sexual than the fulfilment of an urge caused by the fact that his father abandoned him, and the rest of his family, when he was young.

But he added: “Meiwes was thinking more of himself during the act… He was fulfilling a dream.”

He said the defendant placed his first advertisements for a victim out of a mixture of “farce and madness” but soon became deadly serious.

He told the court in Kassel that Mr Meiwes was immature and lacked self-control, and that eating human flesh served as a “kick” to stimulate his emotions.

Yes, cannibalism because of abandonment. It makes perfect sense to me.