A Bold Mission Doomed To Failure


The New York Times has a good article on the problems in Europe over a new Constitution. The problem seems to be that the large states don’t want a one country one vote system because they’d be bullied by the likes of Belgium (of course Belgium bullies already). The small states don’t want to be run over by the large states. It is helpful to remember that most of the small states are newly free former Soviet Republics that are more democratic and more closely tied to the free enterprise system than the larger EU countries like France and Germany.

We, of course, came up with the brilliant idea of having a House of Representatives directly elected and a Senate with members appointed by the individual states (that obviously has changed for the worse).

The article says that the goverments looked at doing that and rejected it in favor of a system previously decided upon. If I can do some analysis of the situation, I think that the bicameral legislature option was rejected solely because it was an American idea.

The French, in particular, hate us. The Constitutional Convention was led by a damn dirty frog. Here we have the oldest still used national constitution and the European elites rejected it.

Instead of the simplicity of our constitution, they drafted a monstrous document filled with every item you could think of. Yes, the kitchen sink is in it.

If the Europeans were smart, they’d abandon further integration as a doomed effort. Afterall, the countries have nothing in common but shared wars and Queen Victoria’s offspring.

As a fall back option, they should adopt our constitution largely verbatim. But, because it is ours, they won’t and they will be doomed to another European war.

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