There are four candidates running


There are four candidates running as Republicans for the U.S. Senate in Georgia: Johnny Isaakson, the perceived front runner; Mac Collins, I’d say in 2nd place; Herman Cain, I’d say in 3rd place; and Al Bartell, the perennial Republican candidate for everything.

I’ve met Mac Collins. I was inclined to support him because he is my current Congressman, he’s very likable, unquestionably a conservative, and would be great in the Senate. Then I compared him to Johnny, who I also know and like very well. Mac doesn’t have the fire in his belly that Johnny has. I think Mac can’t win.

Johnny is very personable. I like his Chief of Staff too. But, Johnny is from Metro Atlanta and, until this race, was not extremely conservative. Fiscally he was conservative (at least when it came to taxes). But he wasn’t very conservative socially. He, though, is in this to win.

Today I met Herman Cain. He is a black man from Atlanta and the founder/CEO of Godfather’s Pizza. He has an impressive resume, he is wholly conservative, passionate, and articulate. He’s in this to win. I’m actively considering him. I gave him $50.00.

A while back I got lots of calls about Herman. People in Washington were calling to assess his chances. I had never heard of him. I think he will be the shadow candidate this year. He may pull it off, but I see him taking enough votes from Johnny to throw Johnny and Mac in a primary or give it to Mac. I don’t know that Herman can get enough south Georgia votes, primarily because of his race. People champion him too much as a black Republican and not enough as a conservative Republican.

If things change, and there is some time left, Herman could pull it off.

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