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The headline catch your attention? Here’s something I’ve been meaning to comment on. A lot of you realize that there are issues (to put it mildly) between Arabs and Jews. But, because we all believe in getting along, a good number of fair minded and reasonable people think that both sides must share blame. In favor of that is the fact that Israel wins no friends when it levels entire villages to seek revenge.

However, in this fair minded balancing, consider this. As regular readers know, I grew up in Dubai, on the Persian Gulf. Perhaps the most free and most modern Arab states. I went to an American school with American teachers. But, in our textbooks the word Israel was blotted out. If it couldn’t be blotted out, the eastern Mediterranean would be cut out of the book.

Whole sections of the history books covering the 6 day war, etc. would be redacted or simply torn out. My classmates and I use to play a game at the beginning of each quarter (we used those instead of semesters) of racing through our books to see who could find the redacted material first.

In 7th grade geography, government ministers expressly forbade the school from teaching us about Israel (our teacher told us). In fact, in that book, the book publisher had a specially printed world map that had Palestine on it instead of Israel.

So, for all of you who think both sides are to blame, you may be partially right. But, do you really think a country like Israel can fairly reason with a group of people who refuse to acknowledge the existence of the Jewish state.

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