First, see this post of my views of anecdotal evidence.

Now that you know how I view it, let me share with you several conversations I have had with a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds. There are two camps of Dean supporters I’ve decided based on these conversations. First are those who think Dean is fantastic, he will clobber George Bush with the voices of the “shut out” of the “poor” of those “yearning to breath free in GWB’s fascist state.” The other camp consists of those who understand that GWB won’t be beaten in 2004, but believe the Clinton’s have ruined their party, Dean speaks for those who have been ignored, and he is the most articulate non-Democrat establishment candidate to take on GWB and revitalize/re-energize the Democratic base.

These two groups have one thing in common: they think Dean is the one person running as a Democrat who can speak for tradition dems in a powerful, forceful way without being tied down to a Washington insider mentality.

I think that is why governors and folks outside the beltway have a historic tendency to win. They don’t talk about xyz bill, they talk about people. I think that is why Dean has this in the bag.