F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies the New York Times reports.

It’s about time. For those of you familiar with a lot of these globalization marches, you know who the organizers are. More often than not, it is left wing groups like ANSWER — communist (yeah, I know, but it really is) backed and trained. They teach lots of civil disobedience tecniques including how to make malotav cocktails, how to vandalize, how to destroy, and how to combat police defenses.

These are not pacificist protesters. No doubt the libertarians will be upset, but they shouldn’t be. While the headline is disturbing, the fact is that these groups pose a latent danger. While the media gives them a certain amount of credibility, the backers and leaders (though not necessarily hippie kid from UCLA who wanted to skip class and protest) are enemies of democracy and supporters of totalitarian regimes like Cuba, North Korea, China, Burma, and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.