By the way, I’ve switched


By the way, I’ve switched from using IE 5 for the Mac to Netscape 7.1. It is much slower, but it does such a better job. Those of you who use blogger know that the screen is divided into four main parts. there is the new post window at the top left, a blog viewer at the bottom left, a calendar at the bottom right, and a draft/change date & time window at the top right. The very top contains the posts/settings/template tab.

I get that in Netscape. In IE 5, I only got the new post window and had to click different tabs to get where I wanted to go. It was miserable.

I think that Microsoft is so dominate that it operates like a monopoly, even though it really doesn’t fit the definition. It gives us half ass products because it knows that most can’t go anywhere else. Well, I have a Mac and I’m glad. I just wish WordPerfect would come out on the Mac and I wouldn’t use Word at all.

I realize that those of you who work with MS Word know no beter, but WordPerfect is heaven. The easiest example I have is how, in Word, you have to use sections for footers, headers, page numbers, etc. In WordPerfect, you don’t have to worry about turning off a previous section. If you want a new footer to start on page 5, you just go to page 5 and add a new footer. The previous footer is suppressed. It is devine. If only it worked on the Mac.

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