A while back, Peter Jennings and ABC News ran a special presentation on Jesus. They centered their views around a group of “Christian” scholars well out of the mainstream of Christian thought. The gist of the story is that Christ was a great man and rebel, but not necessarily the son of God. Yeah, you all have probably heard about it. I kind of liked Jennings until that documentary. But, I’m now fully convinced he’s a leftist pretending to be mainstream. [Note to Tim Graham: yeah I already knew he was, but thought he might have redeeming qualities. I’m big enough to admit I was wrong.]

Now, ABC is at it again. This time, they’re planning on taking the “Da Vinci Code” seriously. Basically, Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had a kid. Da Vinci used his paintings and writings to keep the tale alive. The whole theory is fairly crack pot, but again, ABC is attempting to use “credible Christian scholars” to prove that what we think about Jesus is not the truth, or at least there is another equally credible version.

There is a very hot place in hell for the folks at ABC News. Read about their “documentary” here.