This is indicative of what is wrong with Disney. It has fallen victim to political correctness and liberal causes.

I used to be a huge fan of Disney. My wife and I would go check out some of their animated fare. At some point after the Lion King, the movies started being invaded by liberal norms, cliques, and stupid dialogue.

When I go to a movie, I want to be absorbed into the show and forget about the outside world. By way of example, Star Wars was true fantasy. It appeared to be like our world, but was so utterly different that it made me forget about where I was. But, in Attack of the Clones, there is that stupid scene in the diner with the “death sticks.” All I could think is that too much of our reality invaded the movie and the movie was no longer another world that had similar traits as our own, but was our world wallpapered over with bad writing and political correctness. The rest of the movie had a taint.

The same goes for Disney movies. Eisner wants everything computerized, despite the fact that hand drawn animation has a beauty that can’t be replicated. In any event, it is not the drawing that sucks, it’s the writing. Pocahontas was horrible. Mulan was alright, except for the Eddie Murphy character playing the spoiler, much like the diner in Attack of the Clones.

Classic stories with classic music and songs would sell. The current Disney mess will not sell.