I think it is no coincidence that the best episodes and movies involved great space battles and intrigue. I was always hoping that this last movie would involve those aliens that attached to the spinal cords of people.

Remember how TNG had several episodes that ended in the Enterprise rushing back to earth to kill those creatures and the final scene ended with the creatures sending some sort of signal into space before being killed.

I wanted a movie out of that. You could wrap all the series together. Janeway and Picard reassigned unexpectedly. It’s all a plot from these aliens to take over Starfleet and pit them in a war with the Romulans.

I pictured a cool scene where Jordi was the curator of the Smithsonian and pulled the Enterprise-A out of mothballs (docked, of course, on the Mall in Washington) and the crew had to use it to recapture the Enterprise-E to save the day against these aliens.

It would end in a giant space battle. Enterprise-A and E would be crippled. The E would get destroyed and the A would wind up saving the day. All because obviously the aliens would think the dumb humans would use the advanced ship and not rig up the Class A ship to kick major alien ass.