I generally like the practice of law. Today consisted wholly of the parts I hate. Most notably was the fact that I represented a person in court today that I truly felt should have lost on one point. Not that the person was bad or deserved it, but what she wanted was an overwhelming task that I am convinced she is not very capable of handling. Notwithstanding that, I made my case and won.

I know I have an obligation to my client, but sometimes I feel like there is a greater obligation. I’m happy I won and I am glad that she got what she wanted, but I worry for her and I don’t think she thought beyond the emotions of the case. I know my job is as an advocate, but it is also as a counsillor. I think people forget that my job is to help them reach the best possible decision and then fight for it.

The other part of my job I hate is dealing with other lawyers who just don’t give a crap. I’m working on a huge deal — 2 million dollars huge. The other lawyers involved have sent out 14 drafts, yeah 14 drafts of one document today and ignored half of the changes requested. Then, when you call them, they act indifferent or like jerks, and think the problem is you and not them.

I’m all for zealous advocacy in litigation and in business negotiations, but sometimes I think lawyers complicate the situation and cause tension where there otherwise would be none.