Dear Fellow Bloggers:

It appears that the Democrats aren’t willing to do it. They haven’t got it in them to accept that they made a mistake. They have now started sinking so far below the mainstream, they are drowning.

In the spirit of “it’s better to have two parties of ideas instead of one party of ideas and one party of nutjobs,” let’s help them out.

I propose that, starting on Wednesday, November 5, 2003, (the day after Republicans pick up the governorships in Mississippi and Kentucky) we begin the official “Terry McAuliffe Death Watch.”

Let’s recap:
*They haven’t ruled the House since 1994. In fact, the Republicans picked up seats in 2002.
*They lost the White House in 2000.
*They had to get Jeffords to jump ship to take the Senate.
*They lost the Senate in 2002.
*They failed to capitalize on an incumbent President’s party losing seats in a mid-term election. Instead, they lost seats.
*They lost California.
*They appear likely to lose Kentucky.
*They appear likely to lose Mississippi.
*They appear likely to lose to an whiz kid of Indian descent in Louisiana.
*They did not beat Jeb Bush.
*They did not gain a majority of governorships in 2002.
*They still can’t lock down majorities in state houses across the country.
*They lost the Georgia Senate in 2002 – despite rigging redistricting to be in their favor.

Terry McAuliffe has led them during this time (Actually, Bill and Hillary have, but we can’t hold them responsible — they don’t accept responsibility for losses). We cannot abandon the party of abortionists, tree huggers, mainstream communists, and Marvin the Martian (a/k/a Dennis Kucinich). They need our help.

Let’s use the power of the blogosphere to help them make the right decision beginning on Wednesday, November 5, 2003.

Erick Erickson